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Temporary Staffing Service

In Japan today, the labor shortage is a serious problem due to the declining birthrate
and aging population and the declining working population.
Furthermore, the turnover rate of new graduates within 3 years exceeds 30%,
resulting recruitment of human resources is becoming more difficult each year.

we offer the option of temporary staffing
of International Students.

Currently, more than 200,000 International Students are staying in Japan.
70% of them make a living by working part-time and more than 60% want to find a job in Japan after graduation.

However, the domestic employment rate of International Students is about 30% and the recruitment
of Overseas Human Resources has not progressed yet.
The government is drawing a plan to improve the employment rate of international students to 50%,
Currently recruitment of international students is receiving much attention.

Why not consider hiring International Students with a wealth of talents on this occasion?

Assisting in employment
with comprehensive support
Staffing Expert

Temporary Staffing

KASEI CAREER NEXT’s human resource service is the basic temporary staffing.
Not only provides high-skilled talent, but also protection of company confidentiality,
as well as proposal plan to utilize HR in more effective and efficient ways.

We strive to create a better work environment
which bring advantages for you.

Training & Education
for Temporary Staff

We provide training and education to work in Japanese companies both Japanese or foreign staff.

Training & Education for Temporary Staff|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Training & Education for Temporary Staff|KASEI CAREER NEXT

Offering Tripartite Employment
Staff Introduction & Temporary
to Permanent Staffing

(Contingent Fee System)
regarding Temp to Perm Staffing

After which a Temp to Perm Staff work in client company for a certain period of time,
we will charge for payment determined at the time of contract.

  • 1. Request
  • 2. Confirmation
    of business details
  • 3. Person selection
  • 4. Introduction of candidates
  • 5. Hiring Decision
    (Unofficial Job Offer)
  • 6. Job Start
  • 7. Follow-up after employment

List of Job placement positions

We offer temporary staffing service in a wide range of occupations,
professional and technical workers such as Office Work & Engineer.

Office Job
General Affairs, Sales, Administration, HR, Legal Affairs, Secretary, Trade Affairs, International Affairs, Interpretation, Translation, Reception, Public Relations, Advertising, Planning, Marketing, etc.
IT related
SE, Programmer, Network Engineer, Management Operation, Maintenance, CAD Operator, Design, Illustrator, WEB related, others.
Manufacturing / Logistics Light Task
Manufacturing / Logistics Light Task|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Manufacturing Jobs (Assembling / Processing / Cutting / Inspection), Packing, Sorting, Inspection Task, Storage / Transportation, Lathe, Welding, Warehouse Management, etc.
Business / Sales / Service
Business / Sales / Service|KASEI CAREER NEXT
New sales, Route Sales, Apparel, Jewelry Sales, Mobile Shops, Cashier, Hall Staff, etc.
Telephone Operator, Telemarketing, Survey, Ordering, etc.
Nursery / Nursing / Nutritionist
Nursery / Nursing / Nutritionist|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Kindergarten Teacher, Nursery Teacher, Care Worker, Care Assistant, Nutritionist, others.

Temporary Staff (Fixed-term employment staff)

Temporary Staff
(Fixed-term employment staff)

Domestic Human Resources
Japanese Staff
Overseas Human Fesources
India, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh,
Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mongolia, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong

Temporary Staff (Permanent Employment Staff)

Temporary Staff
(Permanent Employment Staff)

KASEI CAREER NEXT currently having service which dispatch engineer staff employed
by us to company client (indefinite employment).
Since dispatch staff are our permanent employee there is not limit perio
under the Worker Dispatching Act.
We offer temporary staffing for long term until single-shot period.

Specialized Service
in Recruitment of Foreigners
Temporary Staffing,
Job Placement, Temp to Perm,
Part-time Jobs
for International Students.

How to utilize global human resources
in Japan

After introduces suitable candidate of temporary to permanent staffing to the client and work for a particular period,
if you determined to employe the introduced staff the introduction fee will be payable.

Technical training|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Technical training
Direct Employment by Company|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Direct Employment
by Company
Part-time Job for International Students|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Part-time Job
for International Students
Specific skills (New Status of Residence)|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Specific skills
(New Status of Residence)

※Our company is not a supervisory organization for technical intern trainees, we do not support it for technical interns.

Benefits of accepting
Global Human Resources

  • Promotion of Corporate
    Revitalization & Internationalization
  • As a Stepping stone
    for Overseas Business Development
  • Improvement of Communication Ability
  • Diversity Management
  • Securing excellent Talent
  • Resolve shortage of personnel

Occupations of Global Human Resources

Technical Work Talent
Technical Work Talent|KASEI CAREER NEXT
CAD, Designer, Programmer,
Machining, Design
There are many young talents with excellent technical skills overcountries. Their Japanese ability might be less compare than its humanities fields, but their expertise and technical aspect are extremely excellent.
Interpreter Work Talent
Interpreter Work Talent|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Interpretation of Global Human Resources,
Inbound Visitors and Hospitality of Foreign.
Number of foreigners coming to Japan for study abroad and vacations is increasing year by year, especially with the next international event Tokyo Olympics 2021 ahead us. The demand for interpreting personnel who can deal with foreigners in daily life has increased significantly.
International Business
International Business|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Office Work : Create documents, Email
Sales : Escort for Overseas Sales
As a stepping stone for overseas expansion in the future, or for the companies who already have transaction with overseas business partners, we will introduce foreign staff members and educate them as employees, utilizing global human resources is one of the great plans for the future of the company.