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1. Purpose of Using Personal Information

The purpose of using personal information that we use as follows, and we will not use other than the purpose stated here.
(1)To have you work as an employee of our company
(2)To be able answer all inquiry from client
(3)To discuss and perform contracts and transactions related to our business, and to exercise rights and fulfill obligations based on laws and regulations.
(4)To improve the convenience of our customers on the sites that we operate
①In order to perform personal authentication, operational work, etc. that are required in connection with the provision of services
②To confirm and explain the products and services you have applied for
③To respond to inquiries about services and products
④To investigate and analyze the customer’s use of the service and to develop new services and improve existing services
⑤In order to distribute information such as campaign information, e-mail newsletter, and various notices
⑥To confirm that the site user is the person him/herself
⑦To act as an intermediary or mediator with our business partners
⑧To act on behalf of our business partners to provide products and services
⑨To personalize the contents of services, information/contents, advertisements, etc. provided by customers’ individual attributes.
(*1)If you provide personal information for purposes other than these purposes, we will inform you of the purpose of use each time.
(*2)To the extent necessary to achieve the above purpose of use, we may entrust your personal information to a subcontractor who meets our contract standards.
⑩Others, to achieve the purpose of use when its specified

2. Providing and entrusting personal information to a third party

In principle, we will not disclose personal information to a third party without the consent of the user.
We will disclose the information only after obtaining the consent of the customer after specifying the recipient and the content of the information.
However, in the following cases, personal information may be disclosed without the customer’s consent to the extent that it does not violate relevant laws.
(1)When the customer determines that it will be disadvantageous to a third party
(2)When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the health development of children, and difficult to obtain the consent of the customer
(3)When it is necessary for a national institution, a local public entity, or a person entrusted with it to carry out the affairs stipulated by laws and regulations, there is a risk that the performance of the relevant business may be hindered by obtaining the consent of the customer.
(4)When the court, the public prosecutor’s office, the police, the law association, the consumer center, or an organization with the authority equivalent requests disclosure of personal information.
(5)When the customer himself/herself explicitly requests disclosure or provision to a third party
(6)When disclosure or provision is permitted by law
(7)When it becomes necessary to disclose personal information in order to protect the rights and property of Kasei Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “operating company”)
(8)Others, when it is reasonably determined that it is necessary to provide the service to the customer

3. When providing personal information

Personal information provided will not be provided or deposited to a third party without the prior consent, except in the following cases.
①It is optional to submit the personal information items you provide, but if you do not provide them, we may not be able to provide sufficient services for work engagement, recruitment and inquiries.
②When you provide personal information to our company, please be sure to agree to this instruction manual before providing it.

4. Disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion of personal information

We will strictly manage personal information, set up a person in charge of management and maintain handling rules to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information. In order to prevent leakage, loss or damage of personal information, we will implement and implement safety management measures. Furthermore, we will implement procedures to prevent the occurrence of problems, and in the unlikely event of a problem, promptly take corrective measures to prevent recurrence.

5. Access log analysis

This website records the information of the accessed users as an access log. The recorded information includes the IP address of the person who accessed, the number of times of access, etc., but does not include the information that can identify an individual. The access log is used for management of this website and analysis of the usage status.

6. Revision of privacy policy

This site may change the privacy policy at any time without prior notice in response to changes in social conditions, technological progress, changes in various environments, etc.

7. Disclosure of Personal Information, Acceptance of Complaints, etc.

For requests regarding the disclosure of personal information, requests for correction, deletion, suspension of use, complaints, etc., please contact us using the inquiry form below.

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