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Global Human Resource Internship

Global Human
Resource Internship

About Internship

This is a training system for students to have a work experience at a company,
have the image of working in the company for employment after graduation and acquire business skills.

The Internship support we are engaged in is based as training to develop the characteristics
of each majors learned at overseas universities, while experience professional career in Japan and getting know deeper,
we hope students will have desire to return and work in Japan in the future.
Our hope that many companies get to know this program as a valuable opportunity to interact with Global HR.

There are many students are looking for internship opportunity in Japan.
We encourage you to get valuable interaction with Global Human Resources.

【 KASEI CAREER NEXT support these countries 】
support these countries
Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia
【 List of Countries eligible for Internship Programme (other countries) 】
List of Countries eligible
for Internship Programme
(other countries)
Poland, Hungary, Russia, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Kenya, Ethiopia,
Bosnia, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Tunisia, United Kingdom
Global Human Resource Internship|KASEI CAREER NEXT

Benefits of accepting an internship

Opportunity for self-appeal
By accepting internship programme, students will be able to widely understand the company, which will lead to an increase in the company’s name recognition.
Internationalization of companies
Able to speak other foreign languages other than Japanese, the differences in lifestyles in other countries can be a great stimulus point. Moreover, the range of customers will expand.
Early action
of New graduates recruitment.
About 70% of student job seekers have intern experience, and it is considered that the implementing an internship is a great way before bringing them on full time. An internship can open possibilities to confirm their work performance before making a job offer, which is an advantage that you can discovered a human resources early.
【 Student Qualification 】
★Enrolled in 4-year college
★Majoring in Foreign Language department, Japanese Languange &
Literature, English Literature, Hotel hospitality, Tourism, others.

Discover 4 benefits
of having an Intern

  • Encounter new talent and develop new business
  • Initiatives to expand business performance based
    on new perspective.
  • Gain sales strategy from young intern
    and their awareness reform of surroundings
  • Take an advantage for business expansion
    of their youthful think and act

Timing and Period
of Intern Introduction

Timing and Period of Intern Introduction|KASEI CAREER NEXT

※’Courses and durations vary depending on the target country and partner university / department’