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About Employment of foreigners

About Employment
of foreigners

Before hiring a foreign workers, there are some things you need to know and think about.
First, what kind of work they with involved with? What kind of ability do you expect?
Let’s clarify the purpose of recruitment.

It is important to determine the required skills and language level for hiring foreign workers succesfully.

And in many cases, the “language barrier” become serious problem
when dealing with recruitment of foreign workers.

Some of them can speak basic Japanese but only a few of foreign workers who able to read and write kanji.
In this case, it is important to communicate properly even in everyday conversational level to avoid misunderstanding.
When they can not understand you, do not get angry because they made a mistake and thinking that they are useless,
but instead repeat many times then clarify if they got your words or not.

Understand the language barrier and communicate a lot.

By doing so, foreign employees’ mistakes will be reduced, good relationships in workplace will be built,
and they will surely be motivated to work.

It is important to understand the differences of culturals.

Growing in differences environment, lifestyle, religion etc, foreign workers might think weirds of some things which normal for Japanese.
On the other hand, the behaviors that Japanese people can’t be logical think, may be normal for them.
When problem arise, it is necessary not to getting angry the same way you treat Japanese employees,
but act to understand the differences in culture and perseverely.

Have understanding the cultural differences, respect the way of thinking the foreign countries,
and try to interact with them.

Employment of foreigners|KASEI CAREER NEXT

Anxiety about employment of foreign workers

Anxiety about employment
of foreign workers

  • Perhaps you quit because you are unfamiliar with the workplace
    because of the environment and culture you grew up in?
  • Can you communicate properly in Japanese?
  • Can you communicate firmly with the others?

We think its may be uneasy for companies that have never hired foreigners before.
In KASEI CAREER NEXT, we consistently supports our client recruitment process
and parttime job for International Students.

  • By conduct regular counseling,
    we do After-sales follow-up of International Students.
  • Support for communication sector between companies
    and part-time students as well as interpretation and translation.
  • Our professional staff will educate business manner to the students,
    as supportment of client’s management