YouTube is now available.  Experience KASEI’s language class!

We took pictures of the KASEI Japanese Language Class, which is part of our business.

The classes are small and made by order, allowing students to focus on what they want to learn.

This student is also working as our temporary staff, so we are able to support her in various ways, from her work to her Japanese language skills.

I hope that Japanese people will also watch this video, as it shows how they are eagerly and happily learning to improve their Japanese each time.

The content of this article is “Can I use KASEI Japanese class correctly? Questions and how to answer”.


Time      : you can choose the time you like between 9:00~21:00

Place     : Ibaraki-ken, Tsuchiura-shi Chuo 2-2-6 KASEI Building

Days of the week, number of times : Negotiable

Fee : 1000yen (1hour)


If you are interested, please send us inquiries!



TEL : 029-846-7782



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