KASEI CAREER NEXT Original LINE Stamp is now available!

Finally, Carinek’s first “LINE Stamps” went on sale today!

Our original character Carinek Toanmaru has made his debut and has appeared on various SNS distributions. We’ve created a lineup of Toanmaru stamps that can be used for communication between friends and at work.

In addition, we have also included words that are often used in company communication, so you can use them easily.

The entire staff went through a lot of trial and error, changing and canceling designs, exchanging opinions, and finally arriving at the final product.

It is a work that is filled with the thoughts and feelings of those in charge of its production. We hope that many of you will get to know Carinek Toanmaru.

We hope that you will use the Carinek Toanmaru LINE stamps as a wat to add a little more fun to your daily interactions. We hope that a few laughs from the designs will bring you some peace of mind.

We hope you will enjoy the stamps filled with our thoughts.


You can check it out from the link below!

If you have any questions about the procedure, please contact us.





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