Business Cooperation with Surabaya Public University

Business Cooperation with Surabaya Public University


We would like to inform you that our company has concluded a business alliance to carry out overseas internship support in companies in Japan with Surabaya Public University (Republic of Indonesia, Surabaya Public University, here in after referred as UNESA) to improve students’ Japanese proficiency for globalization and to gain experience of working in Japan.

The contents of business alliance

We have been providing overseas internship support in Japan for university students in Taiwan and Vietnam, and newly we have added Indonesia to our list to be the next country that our company will support for internship program in Japan. In Japan, we will support university students to improve their Japanese proficiency and work experience in Japanese companies, and at the same time we will be cooperating with Surabaya Public University for human resources development.

Background of business alliance and future efforts

The background of the business alliance for this internship program is the fact that our efforts have been highly evaluated in Taiwan and Vietnam as predecessor countries, therefore we are thinking to expand our reach to Indonesia which we have been considering as a third country, by enthusiastically conducting overseas training for students in universities that have Japanese language department. In the case of Surabaya Public University, the university is interested in providing human resources to our company to further expand the scope of training for students. In addition, with Ibaraki Prefecture and Indonesia have been having a cooperative relationship in terms of human resources, the university chose our company since it may lead to further build mutual relationships. Also, the fact that the vice president of Surabaya Public University has a deep connection with University of Tsukuba in Ibaraki, is one of the reasons that this business alliance was able to be done. In the future, we will strive to support matching human resources with companies in Ibaraki Prefecture and our affiliated companies, and we will work to start making efforts by giving students work experience in Japan at an early stage.


Overview of University

The university first started as a teacher training school in Surabaya around 1950 and has been a university institution focusing on teacher training from the beginning. It manages many faculties, including the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Language and Literature, the Faculty of Mathematics and Science, the Faculty of Social and humanities, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Sports, and the Graduate school, and has 63 research programs. Many teachers have been produced from the Faculty of Education and are active not only in Indonesia but also overseas.

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