About Us

Overseas business

We offer a range of services employment support for students who are enrolled in an overseas university
and wish to work in Japan, as well as job change support service for those who want to find employment in Japan.
We also provide consultations regarding recruitment of International HR.

  • Consultation regarding International HR
  • Visa, Immigration, Others Procedures
  • Recruitment & Communication Method with International HR
  • Recruitment & Communication Method
    with International HR

Let us support your recruitment process of International HR.

Global Menu
Japanese Language Training by utilizing Japanese Language School|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Japanese Language Training
by utilizing Japanese Language School
Interpretation & Translation Support|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Interpretation & Translation Support
Overseas Expansion Support|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Overseas Expansion Support
HR networking with overseas|KASEI CAREER NEXT
HR networking with overseas

Domestic business


  • Supports a Wide Range
    of Occupations
  • Thorough HR Development
  • High Credibility
  • Support System Continuously
    after the Employment

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from recruitment process
to settling support!

Recruiting Support Menu
Temporary Staffing|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Temporary Staffing
Job Placement
Temp to Hire
Part-time Job for International Students|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Part-time Job
for International Students
Employment Support for International Students|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Employment Support
for International Students

Our strength

Proposal Power regardless of Industry|KASEI CAREER NEXTProposal Power regardless of Industry|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Proposal Power regardless
of Industry
There are various expectations and demands when utilizing Global HR in companies. We have planning proposal for other several industries.
Interpretation follow-up|KASEI CAREER NEXTInterpretation follow-up|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Interpretation follow-up
Our company have the number of interpreters, ready to assist your translations into any possible language.
Prior education|KASEI CAREER NEXTPrior education|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Prior education
Our Japanese and Foreign Staff ready to guide candidates about Japanese Work Styles, Cultural Differences, Business Etiquette, etc., and clearly explain the work content in advance.
Significant Cost Reduction|KASEI CAREER NEXTSignificant Cost Reduction|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Significant Cost Reduction
With us handling your recruitment process, company could take benefit by reducing cost of various expenses such as advertising fee and manpower. We meet your needs by securing only required personal so that no burden is imposed on the company.
Overseas Expansion Support|KASEI CAREER NEXTOverseas Expansion Support|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Overseas Expansion Support
It’s a valuable opportunity to learn the culture by gain information directly from overseas human resources. Furthermore, we can use this opportunity and fully support our client who are thinking of expanding their business overseas through our strong network in Asia.
Domestic and Asian Network|KASEI CAREER NEXTDomestic and Asian Network|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Domestic and Asian Network
We have a network based in Japan that enables us to secure human resources throughout Asia, we respond to all requests regarding human resources.
Follow-up system|KASEI CAREER NEXTFollow-up system|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Follow-up system
We also support counseling, life guidance and company human resources management for staff after their assigned to work.
Securing Young talent|KASEI CAREER NEXTSecuring Young talent|KASEI CAREER NEXT
Securing Young talent
Because the average age of registered staff is about 25 years old, It is possible to continuously secure excellent young human resources, which are becoming difficult for Japanese people to acquire.